PSC meeting 12

The PSC meeting was held on in the #zoo-project channel. If some IRC problem occur, the meeting will be exceptionally held on Skype.


20 April 2011, 22:00:00 UTC time


  • ZOO-Kernel-1.2.0rc1 release status
  • ZOO-Docs release status
  • ZOO .deb packages for Ubuntu and Debian-likes


The PSC meeting was held on in the irc:// channel, on 2011 april 20th, 22:00:00 UTC time

5 ZOO-PSC members attended this meeting (G Fenoy, J McKenna, D. Kast, M. Brovelli, M. Neteler).

  • ZOO-Kernel-1.2.0rc1 release status

Comments was made about releasing the 1.2.0-rc1. Jeff proposed his help for this task. Testing suite was mentioned and was postponed for future releases.

  • ZOO-Docs release status :

All the Sphinx setup was made by Jeff, scripts which have to be used as cron job was also produced to automate documentation production on the server. The specific case of the JavaScript? documentation (using Naturaldocs) was mentioned but the ZOO-API documentation will still be ported to Sphinx restructured text.

The PSC next meeting should be fixed through email.

As it was really late, the meeting was then closed before we got time to treat the third point about .deb packaging.

IRC logs are available from here :


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