PSC meeting 15

The PSC meeting will be on in the #zoo-project channel. If some IRC problem occur, the meeting will be exceptionally held on Skype.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011, 13:00:00 UTC time


  • ZOO-Project OSGeo incubation Process: current status, request for help in handling.
  • ZOO-1.3dev status: should we need to publish a 1.3.0 banch and tag ?
  • ZOO-Docs status: new ZOO-Workshop material integration, how to do it smoothly ? How to integrate the ZOO-Docs french translation ?
  • Is there any ZOO-Project Presentations planned in the future ?
  • Any plan for ZOO-Project Packages for Linux / MacOS X / Win32 ?
  • ZOO-Project Web Site Mirror


The PSC meeting was held on in the irc:// channel, on 2011 Noverner 23rd. 5 ZOO-PSC members attended this meeting (M. Cannata, G. Fenoy, D. Kast, J. McKenna?, V. Raghavan).

  • Motion to have Frank Wamerdam to mentor ZOO-Project OSGeo incubation. Gerald and Nicolas to work as ZOO-Project incubation team (Frank Wamerdam has accepted to mentor ZOO-Project incubation after he completes GEOS project mentoring).
  • Gerald to work on publish ZOO-1.3.0 banch and prepare draft release plan
  • Gerald to propose SVN access to Thomas Gratier on PSC ML. Thomas Gratier to be requested to upload French docs on SVN.
  • Jeff proposed 3 steps: Step1-restructuring SVN, Step2-commit french docs, Step3-modify site structure to support language switching. Jeff to finish step1 as soon as possible and then step2 and step3 to be worked upon.
  • Agenda items 5,6 to be discussed further on PSC mailing list to consider action plan.

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