PSC meeting 23

The PSC meeting was held on at the #zoo-project channel.

Proposed Time and Date

Thursday, 28 January 2021 at 13:00 UTC


  • Review and approve minutes of PSCMeet22
  • Incubation: status updates
  • Apache code sprint: status update and plan
  • Presentation of the new jobs position, implication for the implementation, how should it be handled.
  • New release plan for a version 1.8.1, including this jobs location
  • Proposition to handle development of the new AMQP version in a new amqp branch on the SVN server
  • Docker images publication and availability
  • Documentation review process and report
  • Add other items


ZOO PSC Meeting 23
djay, venka, kalxas[m], jmckenna, omshinde

  • Motion 2: Approve plan for upcoming OGC/OSGeo/ASF sprint
    1. Work on new OGC API -Processes release
    2. Publish Github repository on ZOO-Project repo with demo UI
    3. Work on documentation

djay, venka, kalxas[m], jmckenna, omshinde: +1

  • Motion 3: Approval for publishing the demo UI on Github in a repository named demo available here:
    djay, venka, kalxas[m], jmckenna, omshinde: +1
  • Motion 4: Using Doodle link to plan the next PSC meeting targeting the incubation process
    djay, venka, kalxas[m], jmckenna, omshinde: +1
  • Motion 5: Keeping everything that sounds useful for a future use in the code as vendor specific and support the standard invocations
    djay, venka, jmckenna, omshinde: +1
  • Motion 6: Approve 1.8.1 release plan
    Plan: Make the release during the Apache code sprint

djay, venka, kalxas[m], jmckenna, omshinde: +1

  • Motion 7: Regarding working on the default branch instead of new branch
  • Motion 8 & 9: To be discussed over emails


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