PSC meeting 24

The PSC meeting was held on at the #zoo-project channel.

Proposed Time and Date

Thursday, 4 March 2021 at



ZOO PSC Meeting 24 Participants: djay, venka (Chair), omshinde, kalxas[m], jmckenna

Action items based on Incubation Meeting 1

  • Action Item 1: Test suite to be updated by djay and jmckenna
  • Action item 2: Clarification about the PSC election process and preparation of PSC Election Process Draft; To be done by venka and omshinde

Meeting Minutes:

  • Motion 1: Request Mapserver community for a joint code sprint
    djay, omshinde, jmckenna, venka: +1
  • Motion 2: Use 'main' as the default branch name for all ZOO-Project repositories on Github
    djay, omshinde, jmckenna, venka, kalxas[m]: +1


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