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PSC meeting 24

The PSC meeting was held on at the #zoo-project channel.

Proposed Time and Date

Wednesday, 24 February 2021 at



ZOO PSC Meeting 24
Participants: jmckenna, venka, djay (Chair), dimitris94, nbozon, kalxas[m], omshinde

  • Motion 1: venka and omshinde works together on describing election renewal of the PSC and how one can become a member
    jmckenna, venka, djay, nbozon, omshinde: +1
  • Motion 2: dimitris94 to write a support email to the motion for the incubation budget allocation
    jmckenna, venka, djay, nbozon, omshinde: +1
  • Motion 3: jmckenna and djay come with a plan for migration / test suite

jmckenna, venka, djay, omshinde: +1; nbozon: +0

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