Contribute code

Anybody can take part to the ZOO-Project developement and is welcome to:

  • Share new source code or correction
  • Create tickets to report bugs
  • Write a new feature request.

Submit new code

For new comers

New source code or existing source code corrections (patches) should be submitted using the ZOO-Project bug tracking system (ZOO-Trac ).

Create a new ticket in order to describe your code or patch and attach it to the ticket (attach all the files required to use your code or patch). It will then be checked and discussed with the developers, and can potentially be integrated and merged with the trunk.

For registered developers

ZOO-Project registered developers have direct svn access and can:

  • Commit fixes, enhancement and new source directly to trunk
  • Create and commit to a new branch of the svn

ZOO-Project registered developers must accept and respect the Committer guidelines when contributing code.

Bug tracking

General information

Bug reports and wishes can be submitted using the ZOO-Trac . This requires you to setup a user account (userid) using this section.

The following trackers are available:

  • defects to report bugs and ‘bad’ features
  • enhancement to describe feature wishes
  • task to describe any different but relevant topic.

The following components are available:

  • Developemnt platform to report bugs and ‘bad’ features
  • ZOO-Kernel to report a bug or problem with the ZOO-Project WPS server
  • ZOO-Services to report a bug or problem with the ZOO-Project WPS services
  • ZOO-API to report a bug or problem with the ZOO-Project API
  • ZOO-Client to report a bug or problem with the ZOO-Project Client
  • Documentation to report a problem or suggest an enhancement to the documentation

Best practices

Please consider the following when submitting bugs or feature requests:

  • Check if the bug is still persistent in svn trunk before reporting. If you use an older version, please consider upgrading.
  • Before reporting a bug, please search if it is yet unknown in the bug tracking system.
  • Give an appropriate, starightforward and understandable title to your ticket using the Summary field
  • Make sure the developers get all the needed information to recreate the bug using the Description field (e.g. tell about your configuration and explain every step to reproduce the bug).
  • Select at least a Type of tracker and a Component for your new ticket.
  • Report only one single bug by ticket.