Contribute translation


This chapter aims to explain how to help translating the internal ZOO-Kernel messages into another language than English. Some languages are already enabled for translating and some are not. Please see Request a new language if needed.

This chapter describes how to add a new language, how to join a language group, and how to translate the internal ZOO-Kernel messages.

What is Transifex for?

Transifex is a croudsourcing translation web application. It allows projects to let people easily translate documentation, websites, and applications.

It offers a graphic interface for those of you who don’t like command line but also some features for those who love them.

Transifex helps the translator to improve their translation with suggestions, glossary and proofreading process.

Starting with Transifex

Subscribe to Transifex

You need to subscribe to Transifex before translating. Go to Transifex subscribing page and create a new account.

Access the project

The project can be found here: ZOO-Project Dashboard

Each project has a news page to send some information to you, so please, take some time to read them. You can also send some messages to others to discuss on a topic.

Ask to join the Translator group

Click on the link to access the dashboard of the ZOO-Project project in Transifex (link above), find the button Join team. You should now wait for the manager accept you in the group (given them time to read your request and act in consequence).

Request a new language

Go to the ZOO-Project dashboard on Transifex (see link above) and click on ‘Request language’.

Creating a new language by the manager should not be too long, actually as long as to accept you in the team.

Translate messages

Once you are a member of the Translator team, go on the ZOO-Project Dashboard you can translate and click on the language you want to translate, then press the button ‘Translate’ and you can start translating strings by using the online editor. Please refer to this documentation if you need details on how to use this editor.