Several ways to download the ZOO-Project source code are available and explained in this section.


The ZOO-Project svn is the place where developement happens. Checking out svn is the best way to be always up-to-date.

ZOO-Project releases archives

Each new ZOO-Project major release are available on the project official website as .zip and .tar.bz2 archives. Head to the Downloads section to get the latest or older ZOO-Project releases.


Don’t use older versions of ZOO-Project if you want to use new features and avoid older code issues. Prefer svn or github instead.

ZOO-Project SVN

Download the latest ZOO-Project source code using the following svn command:

svn checkout zoo-src

Registered ZOO-Project developers would prefer the following:

sed "s:\[tunnels\]:\[tunnels\]\nzoosvn = /usr/bin/ssh -p 1046:g" -i ~/.subversion/config
svn co svn+zoosvn:// zoo-src


The ZOO-Project svn server listens on the 1046 (1024+22) port (instead of 22 by default), so please use a specific tunnel to access the svn server, as shown in the command above.

ZOO-Project Github

The ZOO-Project svn is mirrored in this Github repository in case you would like to fork it.