ZOO 1.2.0 Release notes

  • add WIN32 support
  • add GRASS support through wps-grass-bridge
  • add languages support using libintl
  • binary support for inputs and outputs for both JAVA and Python
  • automatic loading of ZOO-API and proj4js files (if present in the ZOO-Kernel directory) when loading JS Service Provider
  • numerous memory leaks removed
  • add PERL support
  • enhance speed for JAVA support
  • enhance POST request support
  • add BoundingBoxData support
  • Python support is now optional as other languages
  • add lenv section before running the service to store informations runtime specific
  • add COOKIE support and senv section to store informations session specific
  • add USE_GDB compilation flag to remove signal handling for debuging purpose
  • enhance base64 support when included in and XML POST request
  • return ExceptionReport when no protocol was specified for xlink:href value
  • fix for process to run in background
  • add support for ALL identifier for DescribeProcess
  • add a small test suite in the testing directory to test ogr base-vect-ops
  • big fix for storage of Session maps on disk
  • support for <Default /> node in ZCFG files
  • fastcgi version now support both GetCapabilities and DescribeProcess requests
  • add basic SOAP Envelope support (ticket #49)
  • support request when Content-Length header is not set by the client (ticket #57)
  • fix issue when POST request is empty (ticket #45)
  • add minimalist cache system (ticket #51)
  • fix Python support (ticket #29)

Fixed bugs: #42, #45, #46, #50, #48, #47, #56, #57, #49, #59.


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